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Carol Francois

Why Are They SO Angry?

· Life Disrupted,racism,knoledge,survival,mindset

A Conversation with: Dr. Carol Francois

Learning Ambassador

Carol is a lifelong Educator/Teacher who proudly proclaims that teaching is in her DNA and she
cannot not teach! After George Floyd’s death, she was compelled to do something, so sharing a
book list lead to starting a FB group and moderating historical book reviews. Within 3 months,
there is now a website, podcast, social media streams, and online course – all addressing
systemic racism in America.


Highlights from this conversation:

  • Disruption can be positive when life needs to shift gears
  • George Floyd was a turning point - What can I do?
  • Shared my book list to help people understand America’s history of systemic racism
  • A friend suggested I lead a book group
  • Over 300 members on the Why Are They So Angry? FB page
  • Over time we realize how much we don’t know
  • Delivering American History with the parts that have been left out
  • Started exploring books about different systems in America and how Black people have
  • been treated
  • Systemic Racism: See it, Say it, Confront it
  • Knowledge + Action = Power
  • Diversity VS. Anti - Racism
  • Know what your Anti is about so when you see it, you can call it out
  • Becoming more comfortable discussing the undiscussables
  • Check our own core values
  • Systemic racism is supported through hierarchy and power
  • Biases, Bigotry and Prejudices do not necessarily = systemic racism but can support it
  • Be responsible for your own learning