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Diana Barrier

· Grand Chronicles

Diana’s father knew early on that his daughter wasn’t going to follow the path of most girls or women her age. He encouraged her to take risks, fail, get up, not think so much about self, and to have integrity and laugh a lot. This best describes the essence of who she is in all aspects of her life and now as a new grandmother to Zoe.

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Life Contribution to her granddaughter:
Diana believes the best way to have a positive influence on her granddaughter is to support her parents in a healthy and happy marriage. When mom and dad are happy, everyone is happy. She wants Zoe to be willing to put in the work, take risks and learn from failures, have integrity and laugh harder that anyone at the table.

Being a grandparent is more than a title, it’s a responsibility. It’s a role that provides the chance to make a bigger difference to generations to come. Show Up. Listen. Love.

Sources of Inspiration:
My deep spiritual belief in Jesus Christ. Everyday I ask God to bless my entire family, help me hear his wisdom and have the courage to follow his word.