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Janee' Hill

Using Disruption to your Advantage

· Life Disrupted,survival,women,excellence,thrive

A conversation with: Janee’ Hill

  • CEO mHe3 Productions
  • Brand Strategist, TV Producer, Speaker and “Champion for Women”

Highlights from this conversation:

  • Everyone has a story to tell
  • Having a collaborative tribe
  • Certainty in a time of Uncertainty
  • Becoming comfortably uncomfortable
  • Living your Dash (Hyphen)
  • Surviving and Thriving the New Normal
  • Women of Excellence - Pivoting to remain relevant

Tips to help navigate Covid 19

  • Ask for Help
  • Focus on Substance not Form
  • Staying Centered
  • Make the most of extra time
  • Serve others
  • Start with a blank slate

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@realjaneehill on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Janeé Hill on LinkedIn and YouTube

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