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Paul Matthies

A Journey to Optimal Health

· Life Disrupted

A conversation with Paul Matthies:
- Operations Director at Focuswise
- Paul takes us on his journey From 310 lbs to 180 lbs
- He inspires us to consider improving our overall health - not just losing weight


Highlights from this conversation:

  • Neuropathy - The scare that motivated a permanent change
  • Thinking about my funeral at 38 years old
  • 30 lb. Reduction by giving up sugary drinks and limiting sweets
  • Through Cardio, Strength Training and Martial Arts, I got my HEALTH back
  • Change is hard and scary so it requires a mindset shift
  • No magic bullet
  • Journey of the whole person- physical, heart, emotions, spiritual, faith
  • Taking ownership that this is MY journey
  • Had to stop judging myself - judgement invites judgement
  • Measurements, Scales and Mirrors are tools not goals
  • Food is not the enemy - shift from good vs. bad to wise vs. unwise
  • Discipline is what you want most not what you want now
  • Physical movement is part of life’s happiness project
  • Not what I have to give up, but what I have to gain
  • Fear, Guilt, Shame and Perfectionism
  • Humility, Pride and food as a crutch
  • Getting insight from friends who are committed to their health
  • You don’t have to go fast - just go (taking small steps everyday)
  • Six Pack Abs with a TON of problems
  • Paul’s 12 Commitments

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