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Tilde Guajardo

Living a life of Love, Joy and Freedom

· Life Disrupted,faith,entrepreneur,mentor,investor

A conversation with: Tilde Guajardo

  • Founder Womanars
  • Speaker, Facilitator, Mentor, Investor

After experiencing a successful 20 year career at Southwest Airlines, Tilde left her job,
sold her home and started living out of a suitcase traveling to multiple countries.
Today she shares her journey from sexual abuse to successful entrepreneur.

Highlights from this conversation:

  • Flashbacks of early traumatic experiences
  • Finding Strength through GOD
  • Living a Bad Novella
  • The birth of “Womanars” (Inspire, Educate and Connect Women)
  • Choosing to Believe and have Faith
  • Asking for help
  • Sell everything and Travel the World
  • Covid 19 - A Pause
  • Shiftco - For Conscious Entrepreneurs
  • Spirit, Mind, Body alignment
  • 3 Ways of Living - Others, Self, GOD


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