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    Who We Are

    Up To Something (UTS) is a development and strategy company founded by entrepreneurs with more than 100 years of combined business experience. We have worked in advertising, transportation, technology, software, health care, plastics, printing, entertainment and numerous other industries. Our focus and efforts are directed towards the entrepreneur and small business owners. We provide a complete array of tools to the entrepreneur that include strategy, marketing, production services, educational seminars, online training, speaking and publishing capabilities. We believe everyone has the ability to make their dreams a reality and we are here to help.

    What We Do!

    We help people who are 'Up To Something' and making a difference. We provide inspiration, information, education and resources to help them achieve their goals. If you are transitioning careers, starting or building a business or expanding to reach a bigger audience, we can help you with the right connections and support.

    We Provide You with The 4 C's:

    1. CLARITY
    3. COURAGE


    The mission of Up To Something is to provide solutions and services to empower individuals who are making a positive difference in the world.


    Our vision is to see entrepreneurs and professionals alike bring their dreams to reality and be able to succeed at what they are doing or fulfill their inspirational calling.
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  • Planning your next transition

    Ready to take your dreams off hold and pursue your next big opportunity? 
    Has job loss or rightsizing provided an opportunity to explore new options?

    Starting a New Business Venture

    Ready to soar with your Big Idea?
    Need help with strategy, Branding & Marketing?

    Want more Clients, Fans  &  Followers

    Struggling with building your client base or social media community? 
    Need new innovative ways to boost sales?


    UTS hosts several programs and events created by our internal team, as well as other subject matter experts. 

    Professional Development

    Up To Something provides workshops, seminars, and classes for entrepreneurs, small business owners, speakers, authors, and professionals from all walks of life. The Up To Something model merges the physical and digital space. Whether attending a live workshop at our offices or studio location in Dallas, Texas or experiencing all that we have to offer through the Up To Something online show and virtual workshops, there is something for everyone.

    UTS Showcases

    Up To Something Showcases feature speakers, authors, and emerging thought leaders that you must get to know. These "Up To Something People" present to a live audience for twenty minutes in a micro-conference setting. Following each event, attendees have the opportunity to network and meet others who are making our world a better place.

    UTS Excelerator®

    The UTS Excelerator is designed to provide entrepreneurs and small business leaders the tools and resources necessary to reach their goals. Unlike traditional "Accelerator" programs, the UTS Excelerator is completely focused on your success and not taking equity in your business. Our intake and assessment process helps highlight the critical needs you have today and we craft a specific program designed to meet those needs. 
  • Services / Tools


    Planning via Evaluation
    At Up To Something, we provide an array of assessments based on your unique needs and goals. We follow a proven model that begins with an intake assessment and then we dissect your needs to understand which additional assessments may be of value. Our team is certified in numerous personal assessment tools, management assessments, leadership assessments and consult to both individuals and teams on how to utilize this new information in the best way possible.


    Consultants to Coaching
    One of the most important roles we have played throughout our careers is that of trusted advisor. Our leadership team has years of executive leadership in large multi-national corporations, private enterprises, and founded numerous entrepreneurial ventures. Our careers span everything from Human Resources, Training & Development, Customer Service to all C-Suite positions. Whether we are engaged with you in an Advisory role or acting as a Coach, you can be assured that we will provide you a personalized experience and provide you the time and attention necessary to reach your goals.

    Online Media

    Content Creation & Distribution
    Up To Something brings the power of digital media to the doorstep of entrepreneurs and small businesses. UTS is one of the five (5) ExpoSkill family of companies and leverages the very best of our sister companies ES Creative, Honor Roll Entertainment, ES Ventures, and ExpoSkill, LLC. We have the capability to shoot entire shows, conferences, films, commercials, and much more through our full service production studios in Dallas, Texas. For over a decade, we have been providing digital streaming and complex custom software solutions to businesses, publishing companies, and universities throughout the country.

    Creative Marketing Services

    Designing Brand Identity
    We are brand developers that specialize in telling your story. Businesses rely on us to develop brand strategy, marketing tools, digital media, websites, platforms, and large events and conferences. As a full service creative agency, we can provide turnkey solutions for all your creative needs.

    Meeting / Event Space

    A Place to Educate & Inform
    We love the power of the internet but nothing can replace personal interaction. Therefore, UTS provides more than 8,000 square feet of event, meeting, and workshop space at our two locations in Dallas, Texas.  Our space was designed for both corporate, entertainment, and mind, body, and spirit experiences. Contact us today so that we can talk about hosting your next event or becoming your primary location for servicing your customers.

  • Up To Something People

    Whether you’re writing a book, launching a new business or starting a movement, we provide the Inspiration, Education and Expertise to connect you with the appropriate resources to fit your needs.

    Change Agents
  • Contact Us!

    Let us know if you are an Up To Something person or want further information.