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Hattie Hill

Living an Intentional Life built on Faith, Family and Hard Work

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A conversation with: Hattie Hill
CEO, President of T.D. Jakes Foundation

Hattie made several intentional disruptions throughout her life resulting in fulfillment of her life dreams. She is a global thought leader in diversity and inclusion and gender equity, nonprofit president and CEO, accomplished entrepreneur, well-known speaker, author and corporate board member. She’s a well of wisdom and positive energy, a master at transforming individuals and organizations for the better, a visionary of equality worldwide and a strong believer that diversity and talent are the new currency of business.

Highlights from this conversation:

  • Humble beginnings built on solid values
  • First impactful disruption – The Little Rock 9 and the importance of Education
  • First in the family to move away
  • Disruption inspires you to do different things
    • Be Intentional
    • Find Peace in being Uncomfortable
  • Career Journey:
    • Entrepreneur
    • WFF- Women’s Foodservice Forum
    • T.D. Jakes Foundation
  • Be intentional about knowing when it’s time to move on
  • Get involved by using your personal platform (personal, Organization, Community)

Her book:

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Follow/Contact Hattie:
Phone (w) 973-473-3003. (m) 214-632-2392
P. O. Box 802967 Dallas, TX 75380