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Jim Potter

· Grand Chronicles

Jim Potter is respectfully known as Chief to his grandchildren, family, friends and colleagues.
Chief, because his passion for helping people focus on what is important permeated through every aspect of his life. Jim personifies what being a heart centered leader looks like in work and at home. He chose to become the primary caregiver for his wife for over 30 years as she went through the progressive stages of MS.
He and his son Kent have been partners in a leadership consulting business for several years. Jim is most proud of his family, lovingly referred as the True Blue Nation.

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Major Life Contributions to the Grands:

  • Can always count on me to be there for support

Recommendations and Resources:

  • Time is the most precious gift you can give
  • Be persistent and never give up on yourself or the people you care about

Source(s) of Inspiration:

  • Molly – my wife of 54 years
  • Peter Drucker
  • Many Leaders who focused on putting People first