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Lorraine Grubbs

· Grand Chronicles

Lorraine Grubbs has had many titles during her career including author, speaker, consultant and currently director of membership development for the Galveston Chamber of Commerce.
Of all her titles, the most cherished title is what her grandchildren call her…Memes. Her grands especially like coming to visit, because for 22 years she has lived on a boat.

For more information about what Lorraine is up to:

Major life contributions to the grands:

  • Exposing them to a life of service through opportunities to participate when she volunteers her service at various organizations i.e. Galveston Lighthouse Charities team, where they cook meals for 1st responders
  • (People Helping People)

Recommendations and Resources:

  • Lorraine has sponsored her children and grandchildren in the Amigos de las Americas
  • Program where they do volunteer work in Latin America

Source(s) of inspiration:

  • Mother Teresa because her life was dedicated to serving others