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Melissa Smith

Finding the WHY to Push Through Life Disruptions

· Life Disrupted

A conversation with Melissa Smith

VP - Dean GIC Academy, Entrepreneur, Family Rock

Throughout her life, Melissa came back stronger after each life blow. She shares how finding a solid WHY helped her through those tough times. A 6 time Marathoner, her advice is to keep showing up and stay in the game!

Highlights from this conversation:


  • The family’s continual financial RUT
  • Off to college with $50
  • Pivotal life moments
  • Surviving the loss of a sibling
  • Becoming the ROCK for my family
  • Another blow - Cancer Strikes
  • Challenge of working in male dominated construction industry
  • Being Vulnerable
  • Tapping into creative passions
  • Life hacks for staying physically and mentally healthy
  • Having a TRIBE to lean on and support
  • Dig deep in moments of darkness
  • The journey is what gets you to the goal

Connect with Melissa:

Facebook: thehale4life
Instagram: thehale4life