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Valerie Sokolosky

She’s Doing it Right!

· Life Disrupted

A conversation with: Valerie Sokolosky

Author of eight (8) Leadership Books, Hosts "Doing It Right" podcast, Master Personal Brand Strategist and Executive Coach

Valerie helps leaders Do It Right as they lead with authenticity, consistency and clarity. Uncover the little things that can make a big difference- filling the gap between successful and mediocre.

Highlights from this conversation:

  • A Grandmother’s Love
  • The Latchkey years
  • Survival through achievements
  • Venture into radio
  • Surprise - No $$$ for College
  • Learning to ASK
  • Blind Date - Love at first site
  • Reenter the workforce
  • Do something that brings you joy
  • Tom Peters - Personal Branding
  • You never get over the loss of a child
  • Faith and No Regrets
  • Full Circle - back to broadcasting

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