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Mika Bradford

Connecting the Dots... (Encouragement, Hope and Information)

· Life Disrupted

A conversation with: Mika Bradford 

- Change Agent, Advocate, Podcaster

For over twenty years, Mika has been involved in grass-roots, regional, state and national initiatives focused on building resources and long-term solutions for people with chronic physical and behavioral health conditions.

Highlights from this conversation:

  • Early warning signs
  • Just when we thought everything was OK - the 9.0 hits
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Autism Reality
  • Dear GOD - not the plan!
  • The Blessings of Jacob
  • Expect the Unexpected
  • ABA Therapy - Applied Behavior Analysis
  • A holistic approach to health issues
  • Serving others through my acquired knowledge
  • Making a Bigger Difference

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Podcast: Connected with Mika Bradford