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Steve Cosgrove

Passion & Travel Disrupted

· Life Disrupted

A Conversation with:
Steve Cosgrove, a successful travel/media entrepreneur who followed his passion even
when faced with traumatic life disruptions. He is CEO/President of Dynamic Travel &
Cruises, Owner of the DFW Airport Employee Store, and CEO of Argyle Enterprises.

Highlights from this conversation:

  • Prostate Cancer at 47
  • Never Ready to lose your parents
  • Travel Addict and other addictive behaviors
  • Being a renegade pays off
  • Set the tone, listen and get out of the way
  • Give the Customers what they want and need
  • Ask WHY NOT?
  • Kids career dreams
  • Always be available
  • Major shifts – Corporate, Leisure, Interline
  • Tune out the Naysayers
  • Surround yourself with mentors and people who have succeeded
  • Explore Reasons for your failures and lessons learned
  • Find your Passion and Never Stop

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