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Sardek Love

· Life Disrupted

A Disrupt Life Conversation with:

Sardek Love, affectionately known around the world as “Dr. Love”. International Keynote Speaker and Peak Performance Expert. Sardek’s intent is to create heroes out of those who lead, train and speak for a living, by inspiring, developing and educating them how to become more productive and effective.

Highlights from this conversation include:

  • Experiences from life disruptions at an early age
  • Embracing Disruption as an opportunity -  “ Now I disrupt my dang self”
  • Becoming resilient as life disruptions continued throughout his career
  • Learning to grow from taking risks and failing
  • Rubberband effect- stretch and be flexible
  • Always be Curious and ask What If
  • Connect with people who are different than you
  • Asking for help when you need it
  • Future Goals and Growth
  • Whatever you dream or aspire to do find the people who are doing it
  • Be mindful of people that you associate with
  • Go UNSTUCK yourself
  • Be better than you were yesterday

Recommended Resources and Favorite Reads

John Maxwell - Failing Forward

Charles Duhigg - The Power of Habits

Gary Keller - The One Thing