hosted by Rita Bailey

  • About The Show

    Everyone has different stories about grandparent relationships...

    • What it means to be a grandparent
    • Lessons passed on from grandparents
    • Relationships, interactions and the role grandparents play
    • How being a grandparent changes your life
    • The impact grandparents have on you
  • About The Host

    Rita Bailey

    After 25 years of serving in various leadership roles at iconic Southwest Airlines, my transition to entrepreneurship was one of exploration, discovery, learning, and self-disruption. By living my life mantra of no missed opportunities or regrets, I went on to do things that I had not thought possible...Becoming an author, keynote speaker, Board Chair, Executive Coach and Facilitator, traveling and working in 40+ countries, and hosting my own podcast show just to name a few.

  • Grand Chronicles

    Grand Parent Stories hosted by Rita Bailey