The fundamental question is...How do you respond to change?


    Disruption isn't always negative, but it is always about change!

    The good news is that we get to decide how we respond. It's not a matter of if, but when, life disruptions will happen, so are you waiting for change or making it happen.


    What do you do when...

    • Unexpected change blindsides you and you're not prepared?
    • Someone else's change affects you?
    • You need to change but don't know how or want to?

    Hear stories on why, what and how Disruption can help you get past the Stagnant Quo, Get Unstuck and Move Forward!

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    About The Host

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    Rita Bailey

    After 25 years of serving in various leadership roles at iconic Southwest Airlines, my transition to entrepreneurship was one of exploration, discovery, learning, and self-disruption. By living my life mantra of no missed opportunities or regrets, I went on to do things that I had not thought possible...Becoming an author, keynote speaker, Board Chair, Executive Coach and Facilitator, traveling and working in 40+ countries, and hosting my own podcast show just to name a few.

  • Life Disrupted

    Making change not waiting for it.